year warranty

We choose is to choose impeccable designs that satisfy your requirements. Our skilled craftsmen and our policy is customer satisfaction, which is why we take the time to listen to you.

The ten-year guarantee, you can be sure in case of defects, defects of construction on our services we provide pending 10years defined under section 1792 of the Civil Code

You should know that large works such as pipe laying, making ceilings, missions housing renovation are guaranteed through ten.

This means that the ten-year guarantee takes into account everything related to the strength of your home or making your home uninhabitable..

By cons to demonstrate transparency, know that the ten-year warranty applies to equipment wear. On this fact, we work with major brands ensuring quality and duration of life of equipment and materials.
For example, a replacement door for armored door. So with the ten strength and securing the door frame is included in the warranty of 10 years. But as you can imagine the lock implementation is guaranteed only by the manufacturer or by an extended warranty that you chose via our agency. And the lock is not in year guarantee which explains the choice of working with quality marks which are the only guarantee of lifetime reliability.
Our craftsmen lading specificities of brands, rest assured, we strive to offer quality brands without the price is expensive or extravagant, on the contrary our experience allows us to offer our equipment in case a lock high quality at affordable prices.

The work included in the decennial insurance

- Windows
- Door frames of doors
- Heating and Air Conditioning
- Portions of lines
- Pipelines and private septic
- Skylights
- Shutters
- Exterior windows or doors Vote

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